What are the best proxies for web scraping?

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What are the best proxies for web scraping?

For any kind of scraping, dedicated 4G mobile proxies, built using real cell phones and connected to real cell phone towers, will perform the best. This is because:

Dedicated Phones
4G mobile proxies that use dedicated devices for each customer are shared. This avoids multiple people using the same data connection, something that is very rare on cell phone networks. Cell phone internet is design for doing sequential things, one after the other, not many things all at the same time. Combine this with an IP rotation, and you have a perfect hardware proxy solution for web scraping.

Phones vs. Modems
Phones which connect directly to cell phone towers give common and expected hardware signatures, whereas modems do not. Ensure your mobile proxy provider uses real phones, not modems for optimal web scraping.

Rotating IP
When using rotating IPs on mobile networks, your traffic is virtually undetectable by platforms that may try to block or slow your webs scraping. Why? Because platforms prioritize internet requests from cell phones on mobile networks, and don’t want to be too “heavy handed” in blocking them. Why? Because the average customer has a VERY low attention span, so they need to deliver a fast and reliable experience for customers on their cell phones. What’s not fast, and annoying? Captchas, etc. And so for mobile internet, they rarely slow or block requests – add into that rotating IPs and you’ve got the perfect web scraping solution. To optimize, setup your system to rotate the IP using an API, or set it to auto-rotation every X minutes.

Unlimited Data
Mobile proxies come with the feature of unlimited data. Though cell phone providers will throttle connections that use large amounts of data (for example, more than 5gb/day), your costs will not scale with how much data you use, allowing you to run your scraping activities without concern for very expensive and unexpected $ charges.

Datacenter & VPN = bad for scraping
If you’re an experienced web-scraper, you’ve probably noticed IP addresses of datacenter and VPNs are known by platforms and websites. When they detect traffic or requests from these IPs, they automatically implement the highest level of anti-scraping protection.

Residential = bad for your wallet
True residential proxies have their uses, but certainly not for web-scraping as all real residential proxy providers charge per GB of data. This can get very expensive, very quickly.

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